Enriching our


A Global University Working for North Texas

The University's founders understood the transformative effect that a world-class higher education institution can have on a region. UT Dallas’ global reach benefits its home community by attracting the best talent from around the world and by providing enriching art and cultural programs.

Engaging Globally

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, a top university must remain at the forefront of global education, providing students and faculty with opportunities to engage experts and industry leaders around the world. In order to ensure that UT Dallas’ curriculum and research reflects advancements at the cutting-edge of every discipline, our academic programs must incorporate an international perspective and faculty must have access to worldwide research networks.

A global perspective helps foster intercultural understanding, interaction and collaboration both on campus and within our greater community. This helps students become competitive candidates for leadership positions on the international stage.

Donor support plays a critical role in enabling student formation through study abroad programs, expanded course offerings and increased access for international students through scholarship and fellowship programs.

University partners also enable students’ professional development by providing or funding internship and job opportunities in North Texas, across the United States and abroad. Such programs are invaluable for student success and allow our talented and entrepreneurial graduates to make a direct impact on society.

Enriching the Arts

The arts play an important role at UT Dallas by enhancing the University’s traditional STEM focus through the aesthetic expression of intellect. Fostering the arts on our campus helps develop multidimensional students with a deep appreciation for the elements of human experience, who can enrich lives through their creative talent.

UT Dallas has the opportunity to be a hub for the arts in North Texas. In order to create a vibrant, artistic environment, donor support is necessary to improve student access to the visual and performing arts, to expand and enhance our arts facilities, museums and collections, and to establish cultural outreach programs that allow the greater community to access artistic offerings on campus.

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