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Advancing Research

The University of Texas at Dallas is recognized as a Tier One research institution, and faculty and graduate students are pioneers in their fields, performing cutting-edge research and developing groundbreaking technology.

In order to grow the University’s reputation for excellence in research and innovation, UT Dallas must expand its faculty and create an atmosphere in which regularly applying for federal funding is expected and rewarded.

Donor support will play a critical role in providing the resources necessary to attract and retain the best faculty and graduate students. New professorships and funding for research support will help UT Dallas remain competitive with top institutions around the world, allowing the University to achieve its goal of increasing the number of tenured and tenure-track faculty on campus from 580 to 800 in the coming years.

The creation of new research centers will allow our faculty and graduate students to secure additional external funding and perform meaningful work helping to solve society’s most critical challenges.

Becoming an Economic Engine for the North Texas Region

Through collaborations with industry, government, cultural organizations and schools in North Texas, UT Dallas contributes to discoveries that impact the world and trains skilled graduates who are a vital part of the region’s workforce.

The University welcomes new partnerships with businesses that are mutually beneficial for corporate and student success. Research and invention done on campus catalyzes economic development in the region, nation and the world. Corporate partners also help students become attractive future employees by providing topical real-world problems for solution during coursework.

Individual and corporate support is necessary to expand entrepreneurship and commercialization programs, construct spaces that facilitate innovation and partnerships with community and industry leaders, and extend the reach of UT Dallas’ training programs to new businesses, nonprofits and local school systems.

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