Support of academic and research centers enriches the lives of students, faculty, patients and researchers.

School of Arts and Humanities

Our school is a reimagining of arts and humanities for a brave new world. We have taken areas of study as old as civilization and integrated them with UT Dallas’ technology and science focus. In new ways, through new curricula, we provide the skills required by a relentlessly changing global environment. Learn more | Make a gift

School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

We are future-makers who investigate creative opportunities, consult on pressing industrial issues and explore critical implications of emerging technologies. We create the future in our imagination, our scholarship and our art. Our initiatives include using animation in health care, game design in higher education and user experience design in auto manufacturing, and we’re just getting started. Learn more | Make a gift

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

The School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences explores the intersection of the mind and brain, from the molecular level to human behavior, in the healthy and in the sick, and across the entire life span. Learn more | Make a gift

School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

The School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences develops decisive, thoughtful leaders for tomorrow. We teach our students to think, analyze and predict outcomes in five major focus areas — public affairs, criminology, geospatial information sciences, economics and political science. Learn more | Make a gift

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

Our influence is growing, but our mission remains the same. The Jonsson School prepares inquiring, creative minds to engineer a better world. Learn more | Make a gift

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies is a dynamic engine of opportunity. Whether a student wants to combine health care and business studies or international relations and communications, we make it happen through individualized focus, flexibility and customizable degree plans. We empower students to be tomorrow’s educators, health care providers, entrepreneurs and unconventional thinkers. Learn more | Make a gift

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Our school’s innovative curriculum and challenging laboratory experiences result in graduates with workforce-ready skills and a strong foundation for further studies. Our dedicated students and world-class faculty are making discoveries in nanotechnology, energy storage and delivery, and the mysteries of the universe, as well as making medical breakthroughs related to diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more. Learn more | Make a gift

Naveen Jindal School of Management

The Jindal School has raced into the world’s top echelon of business schools, ranking No. 16 in North America and No. 17 globally in research productivity. Our alumni provide the business and management innovation and leadership that touch lives, communities and markets. We bring power to our region and our state as a force in helping to grow and sustain our economy. Learn more | Make a gift



Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies

The center seeks to understand the past, so we can change the future. The center raises awareness of what happened when the Third Reich shattered the world of Europe and created shock waves that still impact our lives today. Studying these events helps us to better understand prejudice and turn instead to solidarity and compassion. Learn more | Make a gift

Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Callier is internationally recognized for improving the lives of people suffering from communication disorders. Founded more than half a century ago, the center researches and treats communication disorders while training the next generations of audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Learn more | Make a gift

Center for BrainHealth

The center is a scientific research institute committed to understanding, protecting and healing the brain. Leading-edge, innovative scientific exploration at BrainHealth improves lives today and translates groundbreaking discoveries into practical clinical application. Cognitive neuroscience experts at the center are dedicated to discovering ways to build resilience, regain cognitive function and maximize the potential of the brain. Learn more | Make a gift

Center for Children and Families

The center was established to promote optimal family and child development through research, practice and outreach. The center’s programs are focused around three key initiatives: parenting healthy children and families, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and enhancing thinking and learning. Learn more | Make a gift

Center for Vital Longevity

Founded in 2010, the center is dedicated to studying the aging mind and determining new ways to maintain cognitive health. Employing a range of brain-imaging techniques, center scientists are making great progress in understanding memory, cognitive aging and risk factors for Alzheimer’s. Learn more | Make a gift

Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History

Founded in the fall of 2014, the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History is home to innovative research and graduate education in the history of art. As the first art history research institute created in the digital age, the center explores the intersection between visual arts and science and technology, and continues to attract a growing community of art historians, curators and practicing artists in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Learn more | Make a gift

Texas Analog Center of Excellence

Dedicated to help create leading-edge analog technology for both traditional electronics and emerging applications, TxACE is specifically focused on improving energy efficiency, health care, and public safety and security. TxACE has now become one of the largest University-based analog centers in the world. Learn more | Make a gift

Texas Biomedical Device Center

The center is a collaborative effort engaging researchers from multiple disciplines working toward a common goal: creating new biomedical technology and therapies. Together, these researchers will ensure that recent and future technological advances make it from the research laboratory into the clinic and ultimately to patients. Learn more | Make a gift


Other Programs


UT Dallas began competing in NCAA intercollegiate athletics in 1998. In the past decade, the Comets have made 16 NCAA Division III Tournament appearances, won 12 American Southwest Conference championships and produced 13 All-Americans. We strive to make UT Dallas athletes better students in the classroom, better citizens in the community and future leaders wherever their lives take them. Learn more | Make a gift

Eugene McDermott Library

As the keeper of the University’s vast record of knowledge, the McDermott Library is charged with ensuring that students have access to relevant and scholarly resources to facilitate learning and research. We do this in a dynamic environment, where both information and our means of disseminating it are constantly evolving. Learn more | Make a gift

Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We provide the inspiration, resources and environment in which to embrace, enhance and celebrate diversity at all levels of the University and throughout the community. We believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to achieve his or her goals. We apply that vision of diversity to race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, accessibility, religion, cultural heritage and nationality. Learn more | Make a gift